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We are the oldest and most complete LIONEL® Restoration Company in the WORLD!

    Please enjoy these digital photos of some of our most recent F-3 restorations. These locos have been gone over from start to finish and most of them were in very poor condition until we tackled the job. Now, they are virtually indistinguishable from 'mint' post-war originals.  Exact, super sharp paint colors and spectacular silk-screened graphics!  If you have one of these engines in poor to junk condition, never fear!  We can restore them to near -brand new- just call us for details.  Or, you can purchase any of these locos which are ready for immediate shipment!  For details just click "DOWNLOAD CATALOG" here or from our home page, and go to page 4 in the catalog!

   In time we will be listing more photos of our work, including FMs, EP-5s, GP-7s & -9s, steamers, freight & passenger cars, and pre-war items , along with some "before" and 'after' pics! You'll be amazed!

#2242 NEW HAVEN   "AB" new in 1958, super sharp "checkerboard" lines & crystal clear graphics.

#2245 TEXAS SPECIAL   "A" unit, 1954 version showing authentic high gloss "candy apple" finish.

#2245 TEXAS SPECIAL   Another shot showing both "A" and "B" units in glorious detail.

#2333 NEW YORK CENTRAL   1948 early model "AAs" with wide, prototypical lettering, nice rail side view.



#2356 SOUTHERN A finely restored 1955 "AA" model - Of course we restore "B" Units!

#2363 ILLINOIS CENTRAL   1955, black lettered "AB" We also paint the rare BROWN variation.

#2367 WABASH   Twin motored "AB" from 1955 in deep sea blue, white & grey - we also paint #2240!
"Here are two wonderful photos of LIONEL's magnificent #2368 BALTIMORE & OHIO F-3 'A-B'.
First up, we have a spectacular rail-side view showing intricate detail and exact period-correct 'staggered spacing' of both the nose and side stripes; the second, a 3/4 view which exhibits the pain-staking attention to detail required to complete the restoring of this museum quality 5-colored model - arguably the most colorful F-3 of LIONEL's post-war history." 


#2368 BALTIMORE & OHIO F-3 'A-B'

#2373 CANADIAN PACIFIC   1957 only! A very rare "AA" model, originals are near-impossible to find MINT!

#2378 MILWAUKEE ROAD   Another "one year only" (1956) model - IMPOSSIBLE to find with decals intact!

#2379 RIO GRANDE   Fabulous 1957 "AB" w/super sharp black striping only possible by silk screening!

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