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    Our new Photo gallery, 'Before and After' will concentrate on some of the projects we receive here at L & L MTC, giving you an idea of the condition of some of the models we get BEFORE we begin our work!  Yes, it is somewhat hard to believe that they are the exact same trains!  But as my testimonials will assert, all my clients are extraordinarily pleased [if not downright amazed!] at the quality, accuracy and authenticity of my work.  Some of these restorations, particularly 'pre-war' models require a lot of replacement parts, as many times there is way too much deterioration from sitting idly for many years, but thankfully we have one of the nation's largest supplies of pre- and post-war replacement parts 'in-house'.  

   For starters, we'll present a Pre-War 'Mojave' #402 Standard Gauge 'twin-motor' locomotive.  This painstaking restoration took well over six months, but my client was awe-struck when he saw the condition of the loco, which he described as "factory new!"

"As you can see, all the wheels were corroded and bound solid; the engine would not run, actually, it not even move under it's own power. The frame, body, and motors were rusted badly, and all the internal wiring was shorting out, dry-rotted, requiring complete replacement. Several trim parts were missing and residue of an old, automotive polish, undoubtedly applied many years ago, were beginning to destroy the finish and base metal. Also, many trim parts were missing, bent or broken."

"We disassembled the loco right down to the last screw and rivet, repaired, replaced and/or polished every single part, and did a complete paint, mdechanical and cosmetic overhaul on the engine. The finished photos speak for themselves!" 

*** More "Before and After" photo projects coming soon! ***


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